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Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet

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Protection | Purification | Divine | Connection | Release of Addiction

This stunning amethyst bracelet is a beautiful sacred talisman for positive energy. Amethyst helps protect against negative influences, purifies the aura, and is known for its divine connection and release from addiction. A great way to accessorize and stay protected.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

Zodiac: Pisces, Aquarius

Element: Wind

Bead Size: 8mm, 6mm, 4mm 

Style: Full, 6 Lava, Half Half, Tri, 6 Stone 

Size: 5.5in, 6in, 6.5in, 7in, 7.5in, 7.75in. (Inside circumference of the bracelet.) 

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